Can You Wear a Fitness Tracker With a Pacemaker?

Doctor checking for heart conditions

It can be argued that most fitness trackers users are very health conscious. Some are training for a race, some are professional athletes, and some just have fitness goals that they are working towards. However, there is an increasing amount of fitness tracker wearers who are tracking their physical state because of a medical condition … Read more

Is It Ok to Wear Fitness Trackers With a Watch?

Picture of smart watch

Watches are accessories that have been valued for centuries. Some watches have sentimental value. Many watches just look attractive or professional. Even though fitness trackers commonly have a display watch face, they don’t always fill the hole in someone’s heart for accessories that a watch can. So, for all the people attached to their watches, … Read more

Can You Wear a Fitness Tracker on Your Ankle?

Moov Now fitness tracker that can be worn around the ankle

Whilst out for a walk the other day I got in a conversation with a few friends about fitness trackers. It turned out they were quite keen on getting one but due to work reasons were not able to wear one on their wrist. So naturally, we moved on to trying to find alternative solutions. … Read more

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