Do Fitness Trackers Work in the Rain?

Fitness trackers are great for running, walking, and tracking a wide array of athletic activities. If you were casually into the fitness tracker trend and just picked one out at random, you are setting yourself up for a bad scenario. Say you are out for a jog, your heart rate is up, and it is generally amazing weather. However, that glorious wind that kept you so cool picks up even more and suddenly you feel the first little droplets of an impending rain storm. It is just in that moment that you wonder if your fitness tracker will work in the rain.

If you just picked out the nicest little FitBit or some other cheap model, you might wants to whip that bad boy off and find a pocket for it on the way home because hundreds of people have already made the mistake of thinking it can survive a downpour.

While many models of fitness tracker look really waterproof, they are really not. However, if you did your due diligence when picking out a good fitness tracker and made sure to specifically pick out a waterproof one, that fitness tracker can not only survive a little rain storm, but you could even wear it for a dip in the ocean if you felt like it.

Splashproof versus Waterproof

When it comes to water resistances, there are two types out there. Many models use “splashproof” on their product to hint at some sort of water proofing. However, splashproof is not waterproof. It is meant to withstand a couple of droplets of water here or there. So while it may survive unprotected for a couple of minutes in a rain storm, eventually that water is going to get to parts it can ruin. Waterproof, on the other hand, is completely sealed so you never need to worry about it.

If your fitness track of choice decides to use neither of these terms, then you better keep it as far from water as possible because it is likely not even a little bit splashproof and water will destroy it faster than dropping a cell phone in the toilet. Typically even splashproofing is a big selling point in fitness trackers, so manufacturers and marketing departments would just never forget to include it in the description.

When a Waterproof Fitness Tracker Doesn’t Work in the Rain

While a waterproof fitness tracker is at no risk of being ruined in a rain storm, there is one optional feature that may not work so well during the weather – GPS.  Only the most elite models of fitness trackers come with built in GPS that can help map your jogging route, but it is famous for being less effective in weather. As GPS uses satellites to track your position, it can occasionally have a problem penetrating heavy cloud cover and the elements those clouds have with them. However, a poorly mapped route on your jogging expedition is a better alternative to a completely ruined fitness tracker.

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