Misfit Shine Review

Starting with a design and a dream, the Misfit Shine was the product of one of the more successful IndieGoGo campaigns, reaching its $100,000 goal in the first nine hours and closing its campaign with over eight times more than it had initially hoped to raise. At the time of its release, the Misfit Shine not only featured a pleasing minimalist design more akin to jewelry than that of a fitness tracker, but it also had something other models didn’t  – Full waterproofing. However, as some of the big fitness tracker companies finally unlock the secret of true waterproofing while still having all their major features, how does the Misfit Shine stack up? Read our Misfit Shine Review to find out.


Misfit Shine Fitness TrackerAs Misfit Wearables, the company that produces the Misfit Shine, was co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley, it is understandable that you can see Apple’s influence in the design, particularly in the clean lines and relatively futuristic nature of it all. However, it is the design of the Misfit Shine that is one of the most striking things about the product overall.

Made from aerospace grade aluminum, it not only puts the “shine” in Misfit Shine but it makes the entire product incredibly light. The small aluminum disc attaches to a dongle, wristband, or necklace (that is sold separately) via a powerful magnet. On its own, it only weighs about 9g, rising up to 16g when the wrist strap is included.

The nicest feature of the design is that it can indeed be worn anywhere. If you have never particularly liked the look of fitness trackers or don’t want people to know you have joined the trend, the disc can just as easily be slipped in your pants pocket while you still reap the benefits. As the Misfit Shine is also fully waterproof, you don’t need to worry about accidentally running it through the wash either. Unfortunately, the fact that you can actually wear it anywhere does make it occasionally prone to inaccurate readings since you tend to move arms more than any other part of the body, making the readings higher when worn on the wrist, for example.

Of course, if you do decide to wear it, it doesn’t look like a fitness tracker either. It can easily be passed off as a piece of jewelry with no screen to give it away and only a ring of LED lights that come on when tapped to display your daily goal progress. It also uses the LED ring to display the time in a slightly more confusing way with the hour being a solid color and the minute flashing at the closest location on the LED ring. Unfortunately, that lack of display features, as well as a few other key features that people look for might be a con for some just as it is a pro for others.


The Misfit Shine was released at a time when there really was no good waterproof alternative, and with waterproofing of up to 50m, it still remains one of the best waterproof fitness trackers on the market. Unfortunately, to get this waterproofing, they had to sacrifice a lot of the nice extra features that non-waterproof models have.

So what does the Misfit Shine have? Well, it lacks some of the more advanced features like GPS and heart rate monitoring, and it also lacks an altimeter to monitor how many stairs you climbed. However, it does feature all the key features that people look of in a fitness track such as steps taken, calories burned, and sleep monitoring, although the sleep monitoring can be a little spotty if you toss and turn, or worse, forget to triple tap to activate it.

All of that information is transferred to the Misfit app that was once iOS only, but is now available on Android as well. The interface is clean and easy to understand and the Misfit Shine seems to recognize when you are doing activities like running, cycling, or swimming really well. However, you have to first tag the activity in the app before you start.

The app provides a lot of different metrics that you can look over if you are tracking your progress on a long-term basis, but it doesn’t have any nice little features like inactivity reminders. However, its daily goal log does allow you to give yourself a nice challenge.

As for the battery life, the Misfit Shine has a pretty stunning four month battery. However, it is not rechargeable, so every four months you will need to replace the watch battery inside.The Bluetooth LE connectivity keeps power usage to a bare minimum, so depending on how much you use the display, it could very well keep working beyond the initial four months.


When it first came out, the Misfit Shine was probably a little expensive for anyone who didn’t need its sturdy waterproofing. However, while time has lowered its price and made its major selling point – the waterproofing – a little moot, time can’t change the fact that it is a solid fitness tracker. It does everything a fitness tracker needs to do, and it doesn’t even need to clutter up your wrist to do it. Whether you choose to wear it or just keep it on your person, this definitely isn’t a product you need to worry about getting damaged by blunt force or water, so the sturdiness itself can be a major boon.

If you don’t want to wear your fitness tracker, but still want to be able to track certain metrics for your health, athletic, or weight loss needs, the Misfit Shine has now become a great and affordable alternative to other models that have a lot of bells and whistles you don’t actually need or maybe even want.

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