Long before Polar got into the fitness tracker game, they were making quality heart rate monitors for athletes, and after finally making the leap onto the bandwagon in 2002, it seems they have perfected the fitness tracker formula as well. Bringing their top of the line heart rate monitoring tech to their line of fitness trackers, this company hit it out of the park with the Polar A360 fitness tracker. This model not only brings the heart rate monitoring and other features that you love, but it does it in a beautiful full color interface that makes this fitness tracker look good when the screen is on.


Polar A360 Fitness Tracker
The first thing that you will notice is that the Polar A360 sits wider on the wrist than many other fitness tracker models, but that is completely forgiven once that display comes to life. Some fitness trackers go for simplicity, but the Polar A360 truly makes data beautiful by providing it in an aesthetically pleasing way. Whether it is displaying calories burned or heart rate, it does it beautifully in a way so that the information is both easy to understand, but also a true pleasure to look at. Unfortunately, one small quirk is that when you are recording athletic activity, it doesn’t display the time so you will need something else to time exactly how long you are exercising for.

All of that beautiful data is also fully waterproof. While it is only waterproofed up to depths of 30 feet, that is still plenty so you can keep it on doing everything from taking a shower to going to the pool. The only real downside of the design is the lack of color options in the band. Yes, you still have five different color options, and all of them can be swapped out at any time, but that isn’t quite as many options as some other brands.

Features of the Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

So the display is not only waterproof as well as beautiful, but how does it function? As a brand known for its heart rate monitors, that is one function that you can expect to be top-notch in the Polar A360, and it does not disappoint. Even in the water, providing you keep a snug fit, the Polar A360 provides accurate readings and allows you to track your heart rate data over days as at a time. You can even get visual data on your heart rate put up right on the screen.

Alongside that, it also tracks steps, calories burned, your sleep activity, and your workouts 24/7. All of that can be used in the Polar Flow or Polar Beat app to push you towards optimum performance. While having two different apps seems like a pain, the Polar Flow is used to track your everyday performance while you can use the Polar Beat app as more of a sports and coaching app. You don’t need to use both, but you do have the option.

Another nice feature is that it comes built in with inactivity alerts and will actually start vibrating when you sit still for too long. While the vibration can be turned off, it can be an excellent motivator to get up from your desk. The Polar A360 also features smart phone notification integration, but it can actually be a little clunky to sync up. However, with all the other great features, if it had to stumble somewhere, that is probably the best place to do so.

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