There is no question that the Fitbit is the most popular brand of fitness tracker. However, previous models of Fitbits are famously incompatible with water, which is pretty sad considering how they all look like they are waterproof. However, finally Fitbit rolled out a model that you can truly take anywhere with the Waterfi Fitbit Alta Waterproof, a model that combines the functionality of Fitbit with the waterproofing that it so badly needed.


Waterfi Waterproof Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker
When it comes to design, the Fitbit doesn’t change much from model to model. Like other Fitbit models, the Waterfi maintains that same sleek design that makes it look like a Live Strong bracelet to the untrained eye, but more easily distinguished by the little band that marks the display. Its interface is still simple with an OLED that shows the time and date, but it can also integrate with your smart phone to display call, text, and calendar alerts as well as shows how close you are to your goals for the day. However, it doesn’t display alerts from third-party apps.

Of course, with the Waterfi, you still get access to the great Fitbit app that has made the brand so popular. Within you can track your steps and calories burned as well as set personalized goals. The dashboard also lets you log meals, compare workouts, and connect with your other Fitbit wearing friends.

Finally, the biggest innovation in the Waterfi is its waterproofing. Older models of Fitbits flounder in even light water exposure, but this bad boy can survive up to 210 feet of water without missing a step. What’s more is that you can also switch out the bands of the Waterfi to different colors without compromising the waterproofing.


Fitbit has become the popular brand that it is now by proving a wide array of features that people didn’t know they wanted in a fitness tracker. While the Waterfi doesn’t have GPS like some other models, it does have essentially everything else that you could want.

You can track steps and calories burned right from your wrist, but the app lets you get even more in-depth. While the Waterfi doesn’t have any built-in motivation reminders, it does allow you to set personal goals so you can motivate yourself to reach them.

One of the nicest features is that the Waterfi not only knows when you enter periods of exercise, but it knows what type of exercise you are doing without having to do anything. It is mystifying in how it does it, but surprisingly accurate. The Waterfi also excels in tracking your sleep by monitoring how long you sleep and when you go to bed, but also how many times you wake up, even if you don’t realize it.

Finally, while the major selling point of the Waterfi is the waterproofing, it also features a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about finding the right replacement battery down the line. The battery life lasts about five days before it needs to be put on the charger, which is a little less than usual, but still enough to get through the work week.

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