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HI…and thanks for visiting and trusting TrackerShowdown.com! We offer the best reviews of fitness trackers today and pit them against each other so you know exactly which fitness trackers will be right for you.

We don’t stop there, though, in the future you’ll see a whole lot of content based around your favorite wearable technology and the quantified self

We believe that all fitness bands should, at a minimum, be:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to pair with mobile devices
  • Versatile

Simply put, if your fitness band is good for biking but you can’t use it while swimming laps in a pool then we have an issue with it.  There is already a lot of tech in our lives these days and having more than one fitness band for different activities kind of ruins the “technology” part of it all.

You can expect straight-forward, un-biased reviews from us here at Trackershowdown.com and if you ever feel that we made a bad recommendation or if you’d like to see a certain piece of wearable gear reviewed then please don’t hesitate to use the contact page to let us know.

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Thanks again for stopping by and may all of your fitness needs be tracked!


The Tracker Showdown Team