Which Bluetooth Headphones Work With the Fitbit Ionic?

You may or may not be aware that the Fitbit Ionic has the ability to store music, podcasts and audio books on the device.  Pretty neat, but no good if you can’t hear it. Not to worry as all you need is any pair of bluetooth headphones that support Bluetooth 4.x or if you want to go down the manufacturer recommended route a set of Fitbit Flyer headphones.

And as we like to be helpful we figured it would be a good chance to answer some of the other common questions about bluetooth headphones and the Fitbit Ionic.

Can any brand of headphones be used with the Fitbit Ionic?

Yes, as long as they are Bluetooth enabled and support Bluetooth 4.x

What is Bluetooth 4.x?

Bluetooth 4.x is the latest version of Bluetooth which was created to improve the overall standards of bluetooth devices. The main focus of Bluetooth 4.0 was to reduce power consumption of connected devices by improving the way it sends data. In addition, devices that support dual mode are able to connect to 2 devices at once. So for example, your Fitbit Flyer headphones could connect to both your phone and your Fitbit Ionic. If you are the curious type, this article gives more background to the various Bluetooth standards.

What are Fitbit Flyer headphones?

Fitbit Flyers are the manufacturer recommended headphones to use with your Fitbit Ionic. Fitbit worked from the ground up in conjunction with Waves Audio to create the Flyers. The result was a set of sweat proof wireless headphones designed to work well in workout situations

Do you have to use Fitbit Flyers with your Fitbit Ionic?

In a word, no. You may not even want to listen to music from your Ionic in which case having no headphones isn’t a problem. If you do, any compatible bluetooth headphones will do the job.

Can I use Fitbit Flyers for swimming?

According to the Fitbit website the Flyers are not suitable for swimming. They are designed to be rain, sweat and splash proof. They will cope with a little condensation but anything more than that is likely to damage them

Can I use my Apple Air Pods with my Fitbit Ionic

As Apple Air Pods are Bluetooth 4.x compliant they will work.

How do I pair my Bluetooth headphones to my Fitbit Ionic?

Helpfully, Fitbit have provided a step by step video which takes you through the actions needed.

How do I add music to my Fitbit Ionic?