Best Fitness Tracker Under $50

Like every new iPhone, it seems that every fitness tracker that comes out from any of the big name manufacturers is constantly going up in price. How long before we have the first $1,000 fitness tracker? That’s probably still a few years out. However, if you want to improve your health by starting to track your activity, you don’t need to aim immediately at the top. In fact, many have found that some of the most reliable and accurate fitness trackers are priced below $50. With the price, you often sacrifice some features, but if you simply want to track your workout, you don’t need to pay exorbitant prices.

The best fitness tracker under $50

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 

Price: $70.00

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Wristband 1.1 inch Color Screen Miband with Magnetic Charging 11 Sports Modes Remote Camera Bluetooth 5.0 Global Version - Black

One of the biggest features you lose when you drop below the $50 mark is heart-rate tracking. However, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 stands well above its other affordable competitors because of this feature inclusion. While heart-rate monitoring can be spotty when doing a sport that causes the band to move around on your skin, it often gives out accurate overall results even if current heart rate in the moment can be spotty.

Its 20-day battery is lower than other models without heart-rate tracking, but that is still a long charge when compared to other more expensive fitness trackers that can barely make it through a day. The one downside of the Xiaomi is that you have to automatically start the exercise tracking when you start your workout, and due to the limited display, you have to go into the app to do so.

Moov Now

Moov Now Fitness TrackerThe hive design that comes with the Moov Now’s trademark band isn’t for everyone. It is this design that has caused some to overlook this fitness tracker in lieu for other affordable alternatives. However, thanks to its unique accelerometer, this deceptively cheap fitness tracker actually has some of the most accurate movement tracking out of all its competitors. The 9-axis accelerometer inside, the same one used for missile guidance systems, is able to track metrics as small as gym repetitions, swim strokes, and running impact. This combines with the standard tracking of steps taken, calories burned, and distance travelled to allow the Moov to give more accurate and personal training feedback.

That feedback is given through the app, as the Moov Now lacks a screen, but it is like working with a personal trainer. Alongside its great functionality, the Moov Now is also waterproof and the replaceable battery that aids towards its waterproofing only needs to be replaced every six months. There are a lot of super cheap trackers that look really good, but rest assured that the Moov Now is one cheap tracker that looks silly, but actually works better than some models that cost twice the price

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