Accessories for Fitness Tracker (That You May Not Know)

No matter, whether you’ve had your fitness tracker for a while or it’s brand new you may be surprised to learn that for certain trackers you can actually buy accessories to help you get more out of it or keep it safe.

Each tracker has different options dependent on the manufacturer so there is no one size fits all list. To help you out, we’ve grouped them into the main categories with suggestions for the best known trackers, of course similar items should be available for the less popular brands too.

Replacement bands

It’s fair to say that some of the straps that come as standard on fitness trackers won’t win any fashion awards. Any fashionistas will be keen to change them up for something a bit more colourful and stylish.

Many manufacturers provide devices that have interchangeable straps which can be swapped in and out easily. We particularly like |this lightweight nylon strap for the Apple Watch and this set of bands for the Fitbit Versa series.

Screen protectors

Even the most careful of athletes will unintentionally catch their fitness watch on something. Typically, this end up as a scratch on the screen. As a lot of modern fitness trackers are touch screen this can cause problems where you can no longer control your tracker in the easiest way.

This is why getting a screen protector is a great investment. Screen protectors like this one for the Apple Watch and this one for the Fitbit Versa are small sheets of plastic which are placed over the tracker’s original screen.

They usually come in multiples and their main purpose is to take any contact and scratches whilst still allowing you to use your tracker.

Bluetooth headphones

An increasing number of fitness trackers come with the ability to play music either off the device or streamed from services like Deezer. A great way to give your workouts some extra oomph. In fact we wrote an article about that here.

Instead of a headphone jack, which has the potential of being a trip hazard manufacturers have moved towards Bluetooth. A set of Bluetooth headphones will allow you to listen to and in some cases control the playback of music.

If you have an Apple device you might have well seen the AirPods and Fitbit offer similar functionality with the Fitbit Flyers. They are both premium products with prices to match. Those looking for more affordable options might want to check out something like these bluetooth headphones from MPow

Insurance Protection

Not for everyone, but if you’re the type who worries that your expensive device might come to harm. You may well find a solution with a portable electronic accident plan like the ASURION 3 Year Portable Electronic Accident Protection Plan with Tech Support.

There are lots of other options available too. As we haven’t done it ourselves we would recommend spending time researching which one best fits your need and read the reviews.